About Kurt

Artist Bio

 I have 40 years experience in creating glass artwork for international galleries as well as murals, chandeliers, restaurant ware, custom awards and gifts.  Commissioned by Fortune 500 companies including software and aircraft companies and principals.  Restaurant commissions at Four Seasons, Mandarin, W, Charlie Trotter's, Canlis and many others.  My studio is a 100 year old restored dairy barn in rural western Washington State, 60 miles north of Seattle, 10 minutes off Interstate 5.  Tours and sales welcome by appointment.  Glass fusion is largely a mold oriented process using high temperature kilns.  Its history predates Roman glass blowing by 3,000 years.  It is a much more versatile process by which variations of shapes and decorative effects are virtually unlimited.  This revival of artistry utilizing the first recorded "synthetic" material is proven to amaze and delight everyone including the most serious collector.  I have also made a speciality of high volume studio production of custom gifts and artistic awards.